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Portable Landmine Pro Training



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Greatest Functional Training Device On The Market


Easy and Effective Training

SWATmine is Great For

Trainers with their clients

Group Fitness

Home Fitness

Boot Camps

Sport Specific Training


Fitness Trainers Ultimate Training Tool


Over 100 Exercises Performed With SWATmine

SWATmine Landmine Pro is the perfect training tool for the fitness trainer and their clients. One tool can provide an array of full body workouts. SWATmine Landmine hits every muscle group to give you that sculpted look and also brings excitement and change back into your fitness life.



Portable / Functional / Versatile / Effective

New Colored Landmines. Coordinating With Your Gym Color Theme




  • No assembly required

  • Solid steel construction

  • No bolting down required

  • Enhance your fitness program

  • Used for fitness and sport specific training

The True Portable Landmine System

  • Only 12 pounds!

  • A truly compact portable landmine device

  • Fits into most backpacks

  • Switch workout areas quickly

  • Measurements: 12″L x 12″W x 4″H

  • Ability to combine with other great fitness products for cross training

SWATmine Landmine Pro Is Designed To Enhance All Levels Of Fitness



1 Device, All Personalities

Fitness / Athletics / Law Enforcement / Martial Arts